What is Screenlife?

Screenlife is a new cutting-edge format of visual content that has grown from independent projects to full-length, world-renowned films, documentaries and TV shows. Its main idea is that everything that the viewer sees happens on the computer, tablet or smartphone screen. All the events unfold directly on the screen of your device. Instead of film set — there’s a desktop, instead of protagonist’s actions — a cursor.


Watch also this short video with more on screenlife from Timur Bekmambetov.


"I am a director myself, and it’s very important that when a producer makes a decision about a filmmaker, you have to let them make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons.  I’m just looking for talented filmmakers that I can learn from, and help somehow" - Timur Bekmambetov

Throughout the years, we’ve applied technology to tell stories in various formats: and we use various screens to watch these formats. After all, it’s all about your relationship with the screen, with your story, and with your audience. But what if your screen is the storytelling format? What if the story is told entirely on a computer screen? This is called Screenlife. Screenlife is an innovative film language that tells a whole narrative within the frames of a computer screen. The concept was initially developed when Timur Bekmambetov produced Unfriended, a horror flick that turned into a commercial success.


Bazelevs' film Unfriended was the inception of Screenlife language

Bazelevs is an international film production company founded by Timur Bekmambetov in 1994, with offices in Los Angeles, Moscow and Beijing.  It is the leader of Russia's production industry and specializes in film and advertisement development, production, post-production, VFX and distribution. Bazelevs has been active in the American film business with multiple projects produced yearly.

Bazelevs’ portfolio of films includes some of the highest-grossing films in the international film business: “Night Watch,” “Day Watch,” “Wanted,” the “Yolki” franchise,  “9,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” “Unfriended,” “Hardcore Henry” and many others.