1. Submissions

Contestants can submit a pitch in English for a screenlife project in three different categories: feature films, series, and documentaries.

By screenlife we mean a format whereby the motion picture is framed inside the screen of a computer, handheld computer tablet, smartphone, or similar device or within the frame of an "app" or other software program.

Each pitch should include a pdf presentation. You may also submit an optional video presentation.

If you are chosen as a semi-finalist, you will be required to submit a video pitch.

Each project should have a writer, director, and producer attached (could be one person).

Each pdf presentation document should include the following information:

A logline and a synopsis of the story (not longer than 1 page)
A bio of the writer and/or director and/or producer
A description of the format – whether it is a feature film, series or documentary, and whether it is to unfold on a computer screen, a mobile phone screen or otherwise
An approximate budget
Any other relevant elements (i.e. casting, partners, financing)
All contestants must know at least intermediate level English. Only one member from each creative team will have an opportunity to participate in the pitch session.


2. Selection of Finalists and Winners

The jury will choose finalists and one winning person or team in each category who will enter into an option and purchase agreement with Bazelevs Entertainment for $1000, with an opportunity to get their project fully funded and produced.

Selection as a finalist is subject to proof of ownership by the finalist of all material included in the pitch.

3. Schedule

All pitches must be submitted by 12 noon PST on September 1st, 2019 at the website

All finalists will be informed personally no later than September 15th, 2019.


4. Legal

In order to participate, each contestant must accept these Rules of Competition.

By accepting these rules, each contestant grants Bazelevs Entertainment a non-exclusive perpetual irrevocable license to publish their pitch on the website and to open it to the audience vote.

By accepting these rules, each finalist grants Bazelevs Entertainment an option for a term of 18 months to acquire all rights in and to the materials included in the pitch as well as the materials developed during the pitch sessions; all other terms of the option and purchase agreement are to be negotiated in good faith. Each finalist is responsible for payment of his/her applicable taxes in connection thereof, if any.